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Random Rants For A Summer’s Day

When John Roberts says that the ruling for gay marriage has “nothing to do with the Constitution,” does that mean he’s actually never read the 14th Amendment’s discussion of equal protection under the law? *** I’m beginning to wonder if … Continue reading

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Walking Away From The Madness

I don’t cringe much anymore, but I sure did when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S. Car.) announced he was running for president with the pronouncement (as reported by CNN), “I want to be President to defeat the enemies trying to kill … Continue reading

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Sifting Through The Stuff We’re Not Supposed To Say

Why is it, I wonder, that even among our closest friends, we’re more willing to share bad news than good news? You’re more like to hear low-grade good news, like kids graduating from high school or getting a new car … Continue reading

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