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The Sad Parade of Things That Boomers Can’t Even Give Away

How odd life is sometimes. The things we prized, craved, coveted at one time are now bereft of value, candidates for landfill. (Unfortunately, some Boomers feel this about themselves; sometimes I do myself.) As I’ve written, I recently had to … Continue reading

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A Memo To The Idiots Among Us

My new favorite saying is never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. The problem is, so much in this world can be explained by stupidity, because we seem to breed idiots faster than we can either … Continue reading

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The Flaw In My Thinking

This was my plan: in releasing myself from the demands of posting a blog weekly, I would be able to focus on quality rather than quantity. But as weeks went by without inspiration, the pressure increased. I haven’t posted recently, … Continue reading

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