Die, Boomers, Die!

Don't Trust Anyone Over 30I received this charming comment to one of my recent posts from johndoe @ yahoo.com.

Can you baby boomers just hurry up and die already? The younger generations hate you for what you have done to society, you boomers have destroyed society with your feminism, your liberalism, your pro-homosexuality, your multiculturalism, etc etc etc. In short, you baby boomers ruined America. Can’t you just hurry up and die already, so that we young people can start fixing the mess that YOUR generation created?

This I found simultaneously sad and hilarious.

I found it sad because John doesn’t seem to have even the most remote inkling of who tends to be conservative and who tends to be liberal in this country. Conservatives skew older. Liberals skew younger. I thought that was common knowledge. It’s actually the younger generation that is leading the way in terms of tolerance of feminist, pro-homosexual, multicultural lifestyles, as noted in The Millennial Generation: Our Liberal Future and The Progressive Politics of the Millennial Generation. In fact, they’re doing much better in that regard than my generation, bless them. I fear that John’s in for one heckuva shock when he gets older.

Of course, I found it hilarious because the “hurry up and die so we can fix your mess” sentiment was what we used to say about the generation ahead of ours (the one, coincidentally, now known as “the greatest generation”). We blamed it for the atom bomb, for pollution, for Vietnam, for racism, you name it. FYI, John: it was the Boomers who coined the concept of not trusting anyone over 30.

Surely in his conservative diatribe he can’t be referring to the missteps of George Bush (born 1946, the first year of the boom). Even so, most Boomers don’t take credit for his presidency – we just think of him as a marionette being dangled by Dick Cheney (born 1941). And how can he be referring to Barack Obama (born 1961), who has spent most of September jonesing to attack Syria?

Frankly, I’m not quite sure what horrible things Boomers could have done. In my admittedly prejudiced view, we’re the generation that got smoking off of airplanes, built safer cars, and made recycling cool.

Boomers are responsible for other advancements, too, which make John’s sentiment misplaced. For instance, for John to send his message, he had to have used a computing device of some kind. If it was a Mac, its creator was Steve Jobs (born 1955). If it was a PC, its operating systems’ creator was Bill Gates (born 1955). If it was an Android smartphone, thanks go in part to Google CEO Eric Schmidt (born 1955). And even if he only used a Web-based interface, he was using the work of Tim Berners-Lee (born 1955). Boomers all (man, 1955 was a good year).

The moral of the story is: if you’re going to criticize people for what they’ve done in the past, you have to have a rudimentary understanding of what actually happened in the past.


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The Middle-Age Cranky blog is written by baby boomer Howard Baldwin, who finds the world, while occasionally wondrous, increasingly aggravating.
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5 Responses to Die, Boomers, Die!

  1. Cindy Costell says:

    Hard to believe you’d even know anyone who would leave a post like that, Howard – unless the writer was trying for maximum sarcasm, imagining himself as funny. As my mom used to say about someone who was being unpleasant, “That fellow must have gotten up before breakfast.”

  2. Dave Flack says:

    Send me his IP address and I’ll have my friend John (born 1952) at NSA add him to a no-fly list.

  3. Ah Howard, The stuff you must put up with! And, hey, 1955 was OUR year!!! I hate hearing uninformed people spew as such. Pitiful, really. And you, keep up the great work! I love your writing and myriad of topics.

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