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What Follows Borders on the Endangered List?

Last week’s decision by Borders’ executives to liquidate the media retailer got me thinking. The fact that no one stepped forward to bid on the company didn’t surprise me. Anyone who’d been to our local store wouldn’t have wanted it. … Continue reading

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The Three Classes of Boomers

After extensive research – by which I mean I talked to a bunch of my friends – I have concluded that you can divide boomers into one of three different classes. What?, you may scoff, divide 76 million people into … Continue reading

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go

I have an older friend, an aerospace engineer by profession, who spent most of his career working on top-secret rocket projects for the Department of Defense. At the height of the Cold War, if you called his office, they would … Continue reading

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The Stupidity of Subsequent Generations

One of the drawbacks of getting older is developing the belief that subsequent generations are somehow stupider. The world becomes more complex, and the people in it become less capable of managing it. Of course, it’s not really a question … Continue reading

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