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Living in a Cat House

Toward the end of Ghost, Oda Mae Brown and her sisters are frantically trying to escape the villains by pounding on neighbors’ doors to let them in. There’s so much shrieking and commotion that you probably didn’t hear one neighbor … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Get On The Plane

Most boomers will remember the iconic United Airlines commercial about the executive who calls his employees together one afternoon to inform them that their oldest customer has just fired them. Explaining that they have to regain the personal touch they’ve … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasies Come True

Do you ever just start hankering for a change? You work really hard all your life for some stability and what happens? You get to middle age, you get comfortable, and then bam – you start fantasizing that maybe there’s … Continue reading

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The Last Picture Show

The preponderance of photography options these days – security videos, disposables, cell phone cameras – has spawned a strange phenomenon. There has been an astonishing increase in the discovery of photographs taken just before poor shutterbugs and their subjects were … Continue reading

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